You Have a Prayer for It?

Inspired by Diné Medicine Man, Dan Chee
by Anthony Colombo – editing by Mary Beth Cronin
Copyright © 2001 Anthony Colombo

There we were driving on a dirt road in the middle of the Navajo (Diné) reservation.  Three white guys and our Diné friend, Cayce Boone, on our way to meet with Cayce’s Grandfather, Dan Chee.

Off in the distance we see a man riding his horse at a brisk gallop.  He keeps pace with our van, and closely behind him follows a second horse with no rider on it.  We look carefully at the horseman as Cayce poses the question, “Could that be Grandfather?” Mike answers, “I doubt it.  That can’t be a 90-year-old man.  Look how fast he’s going.”

The rider and the horses disappear from our view behind a ridge and then reappear closer to us at the top of the ridge.  Cayce laughs gleefully, “It is Grandfather.”

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