The DreamSpace Experience

DreamSpace™ is an immersive experience where participants engage the brilliance of their dreams and imagination to co-create the lives they truly want.


An immersion integrates “eyes-open” activities, involving creative expression, with “eyes-closed” activities, such as meditative visioning and nighttime dreaming. Our holistic process for engaging the imagination through both the waking and dreaming states helps each participant tune into what his or her soul really wants, unleashing a wellspring of creativity and passion.

By weaving together the participants’ dreams and imaginings, the group produces a shared vision that inspires and guides them. The experience of engaging and sharing their inner brilliance builds the trust, skills and collective intelligence necessary to evolve the vision and collaboratively bring the vision to life.

DreamSpace Benefits

  • Unlock your creativity and the collective creativity of your group
  • Learn how to use body movement to connect dynamically with others
  • Build trust and appreciation of fellow participants
  • Intentionally engage your dreams and imagination to help create the life you want
  • Turn unwanted experiences in dreams and life into opportunities for vibrant growth
  • Develop a deeper sense of your soul’s creative calling
  • Understand how to best contribute to the group, based on your soul’s calling
  • Create a shared group vision and story
  • Develop an open and authentic communication culture that enhances your group’s ability to achieve a shared vision
  • Cultivate a dynamic environment for adaptive change, exploration and co-creation using an iterative, immersive process

Join DreamSpace at an onsite or online event. To find out more about participating in an immersive experience at your location or to inquire about online events, please contact us.

Our Team

Anthony Colombo

Anthony Colombo

Founder & CEO

From an early age, Anthony began having visionary nighttime dreams – which inspired him to devote 15 years documenting and learning from indigenous spiritual elders. He produced award-winning cultural and environmental multimedia. As a University professor Anthony taught interactive multimedia design, production and ethics. In 2008, he began devoting full-time to conducting group dream events and designing software for dreaming. Along with his business partner, Daniel Deslauriers, Anthony oversees the development of DreamSpace™ immersive events and virtual reality software.

Daniel Deslauriers

Daniel Deslauriers

Director of Onsite Events & Dream Research

Daniel is professor of Transformative Studies at CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies) in San Francisco and former chair of the East-West Psychology Program. He teaches courses on consciousness studies (especially dreams), arts-based research, and multiple ways of knowing. He co-authored Integral Dreaming: A holistic approach to dreams (SUNY Press, 2012). He shares his work on dreams locally and internationally (Canada, France, Taiwan, Indonesia). Daniel is a somatic practitioner (Unity in Motion) and an avid student of contact improvisation.

The Future of DreamSpace

We are improving the DreamSpace experience by developing additional tools that will help take your co-creativity to a whole new level. Because the future is so exciting, we want to share a little peek into where our offerings are going:

Phase 1: Participate in an immersive DreamSpace event, conducted at your location or online. [currently available]

Phase 2: Participate in an immersive DreamSpace event, conducted on location and including interactive virtual worlds created at the event by artist(s) and engineer(s) using DreamSpace prototype software. [in process, prototype expected 2016]

Phase 3: Design your own imaginal world-experience using the DreamSpace Software App, which also allows you to selectively share your content with remote users who may view, interact with or interconnect to your imaginal world-experience. [in process, release expected 2017]

Advancing your co-creative capacity is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. Organizations are developing more agile, creative and collaborative environments that are necessary for what Forbes calls the new “imagination economy.” DreamSpace helps you build the skills you need to participate in the imagination economy and to build a better life for yourself and others.

[Forbes’ Global Analysis of the Impact of Creativity on Culture, Communications and Business revealed that 98%, of the approximately 1,000 upper level managers and CEO’s surveyed, affirmed that creativity is critical to economic success.]

We all have a responsibility to tap into our dreams and imagination. Pressing planetary and social challenges call for non-linear solutions…solutions that draw upon our collective creativity. DreamSpace addresses these challenges by harnessing the greatest resource we have – the infinite potential of the human spirit, imagination and dreams.

Get Involved with Future DreamSpace Development:
To inquire about joining the DreamSpace Team, or partnering with us, please contact us.